The IPO Conspiracy by R. LaMont W.

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The IPO Conspiracy by R. LaMont W.

Ambrosia Alexander was born to be a model. From childhood through her adult life, she worked as a high fashion model and cover girl for the world’s most prestigious glamour magazines. At the pinnacle of her career, she achieves her dream by starting her own company, The Trophy Modeling Agency (TMA). 

Completing her last presentation in getting $30 million in pre-subscriptions from institutional investors to take her company public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Ambrosia runs into trouble. 

Happily finishing breakfast, she is ready to leave Sacramento to fly home to New York and celebrate. The waiter comes back for the third time.

 “This credit card has been declined too.”

Ambrosia says to herself, that’s impossible. These are company cards. She calls her roommate Darcy Higgins, their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) only to find her phone does not work. While staring at her phone a tall, handsome well-dressed man hovers over her. He sits close to her.

Shock registers when he offers to help and touches her knee. Slapping him, she stands yelling vulgarities.

He rubs his face thinking, she’s more beautiful than her photos. She’ll be worth a fortune. 

He calmly walks away saying, “like it or not you’re going to need me if you want to go home. I’ll wait for you outside the lobby.” 

A woman sitting across from her offers her a phone.

Ambrosia calls Darcy who is hysterically panic stricken.

“I tried calling you, but I got a message saying your number was no longer a working number. Someone broke into our apartment. Our place has been trashed and Vanessa’s missing!”

“The NYPD is labeling our apartment a crime scene. I think our lives are in danger. Find a safe place to hide. Call me back later.”

Three thousand miles from home with $300 dollars in her purse Ambrosia’s beautiful morning abruptly becomes a nightmare.

Befriended by a newfound friend, Ambrosia is connected to Invisible Securities Corporation who takes her on a wild run across the country with sex trafficking mercenaries hot on her heels.

 In their journey they piece together murders, betrayals, and deceit within her organization only to find a deeper, more sinister conspiracy.

The only question is: Will she survive?

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978-1-7372903-0-8 The IPO Conspiracy (paperback)

978-1-7372903-1-5 The IPO Conspiracy (e-Book)

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Robert L Woods

I am a personal finance and investment educator who’s passion is to teach financial literacy to my community to give them financial empowerment so they can control their own destiny.

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Robert L. Woods is the retired partner of the Institute For Fiduciary Education ( that provided investment seminars for public and private pension funds, endowments and institutional fund managers. He spent 28 years working for the State of California, as a budget and financial analyst which includes 16 years as an Investment Officer for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS). At CalSTRS, he established it as one of the nation’s first institutional home loan programs with a down payment assistance component. He also spent 13 years on the Board of Trustees for the Sacramento County Employees Retirement System (SCERS). He was a Trustee with the University of California, Davis, Cal Aggie Alumni Association and a member of the Chancellor’s Council on Community & Diversity. He is a Life Member: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Theta Gamma Sigma Chapter, Sacramento, CA.

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