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Barron’s Top 10 Stocks for 2020

Barron has come out with its top to stocks for 2020. As I told the Greater Sacramento Financial Literacy Group (Facebook) the other day, I am a lazy investor and not great  as a stock

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Market News and Closing

Breaking Market Market New! U.S. negotiators have the terms of China trade deal ready for President Donald Trump’s review. CNBC confirmed reports from earlier in the day. They said U.S. negotiators are offering to cancel new

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Fed keeps rates unchanged

Market Zone The DOW finished at a high of 27,907.43 up +25.71 gain or 0.09% The S&P 500 finished at a high of 3,141.36 up +8.84 gain or 0.28% The NASDAQ finished at a high

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Market News

Today the market closed slightly lower than it did last Friday. The DOW finished at 27,910 down -104.34 points or a -0.37% The S&P 500 finished at 3,135.89 down -10.02 points or a -0.32% The

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Market Closing Numbers

The market today finished at all time highs. The jobs reported 200,000+ new jobs with unemployment rate at 3.5%. The economic standard is 5%. In English: Stable unemployment at 5% means that 95% of the

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Market Closing News

The Market finished modestly up today The Dow finished at 27,677 up  +28.01 The S&P 500 finished at 3,117.43 up +4.67 The NASDAQ finished at 8,570.70 up +4.03 The Russell finished at 1,614.83 up +0.56

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Today’s Financial Market Blog

Today the market was up except for the Materials Sector. The DOW closed at 27,651.48 up +148.67 points for a 0.54% gain The S&P 500  closed at 3,111.73 up +19.53 points for a 0.63% gain

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Today’s Financial Market Closing Numbers

Dow: 28,065 Change from Friday +189.0 or +0.68% S&P 500: 3,133 Change from Friday +23.24 or +0.75% NASDAQ: 8,632 Change from Friday+112.60 or +1.32% Russell 2K; 1,621  Change from Friday +33.04 or +2.08% The market

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