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This book is the second edition of work known as A Beginners Guide to Wealth Building. If you are new to the Fundamentals of Money Management or an advanced investor, this is your book. It is written in plain and simple English to demystify the cryptic world of income tax deduction, budgeting and savings money for retirement. With this book, you can learn investments so you can prosper financially. This book will transform and empower you to become your own champion and masters of your financial destiny. You will find this book informative, at times funny and very rewarding. My passion in life is to help people become financially literate and financially secure.  My e-mail address is in the Farewell Chapter of the book. Questions are welcomed. If I cannot answer a question, I have people. I wish you the best in your financial and investment future! R. LaMont W.


Ambrosia Alexander was born to be a model. From childhood through her adult life, she worked as a high fashion model and cover girl for the world’s most prestigious glamour magazines. At the pinnacle of her career, she achieves her dream by starting her own company, The Trophy Modeling Agency (TMA).

Completing her last presentation in getting $30 million in pre-subscriptions from institutional investors to take her company public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Ambrosia runs into trouble.

Happily finishing breakfast, she is ready to leave Sacramento to fly home to New York and celebrate. The waiter comes back for the third time.

“This credit card has been declined too.”

A tall, handsome well-dressed man hovers over her. He sits close to her and says he is here to help her.

He touches her knee. Slapping him she stands yelling vulgarities.

He rubs his face thinking, she’s more beautiful than her photos. She’ll be worth a fortune.
He calmly walks away saying, “like it or not you’re going to need me if you want to go home. I’ll wait for you outside the lobby.”

A woman sitting across from her offers her a phone.

Ambrosia calls Darcy who is hysterically panic stricken.

“I tried calling you. Someone broke into our apartment. Our place has been trashed and Vanessa’s missing!”

“The NYPD is labeling our apartment a crime scene. I think our lives are in danger. Find a safe place to hide. Call me back later.”

Three thousand miles from home with $300 dollars in her purse Ambrosia’s beautiful morning abruptly becomes a nightmare.

Befriended by a newfound friend, Ambrosia is connected to Invisible Securities Corporation who takes her on a wild run across the country with sex trafficking mercenaries hot on her heels.

In their journey they piece together murders, betrayals, and deceit within her organization only to find a deeper, more sinister conspiracy.

The only question is: Will she survive?



MALCOM XAVIER ABANDONED GENIUS MISJUDGED Never Judge A Book…is a story of abandonment, betrayal and redemption where secret truths buried deep within explode to the surface and understanding the fundamentals of money management will set you free.Malcom Xavier was born in the stall of a women’s bathroom at a 24 hour take out diner and left on the back porch of an orphanage. Endowed at birth with extraordinary intelligence, he journeys through life facing undesirable obstacles. He is misjudged, loved, yet feeling unloved. He survives bullying, racial discrimination and suffers tragedies of the heart. In his quest to find himself he learns to fight, masters control of who he is and creates an institute of learning that will challenge the world of finance as we know it today. While he shuns publicity and notoriety, he becomes a force for good in a world where people are not judged… by the color of their skin, their looks, their size, their gender affiliation or their religious preference. In essence, Never Judge a Book…

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My 1st Investment Book (The ABC’s of Investments) is a coloring book dedicated to all the children, their families, adults, old and young, who foster the desire and commitment to develop their financial knowledge and a willingness to pass it on to the next generation.


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