We Have a Trade Deal (well at least Phase I)

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Yahoo! We have a trade deal for Phase I with China (not signed yet). But it’s a good thing because being the two largest economies in the world, we need to get along with each other. Access to a billion shopper’s can’t hurt either.

At the same time the House is moving to impeachment. Republicans say that no crime has been committed. They are right. Except for one very large thing. He is not accused of a criminal act. He is accused of using the power of the White House to get a foreign country to do something to an American political opponent. That is not a crime, but a preach of our U.S. Constitution (an impeachable offense). It will go the the full House of Representatives who will approve the impeachment. That hasn’t happened in over 150 years. It will go the the U.S. Senate where is will die a slow death. The Senate will not ratify an impeachment. But the whole thing will go on record as being done. It will become a history thing that we will see well into the next 100 years. DJT doesn’t realize how it will impact his family name going forward. He’s is trying to do the right thing, but with his narcissistic personality, he just can’t help himself.

On another front, 35% of Americans are in heavy credit card debt because of all things: Health Card. What ever happened to fixing our Health Cars System? Someone tell me. What’s up with that? Time for those in this pickle need to refinance in an no/low cost interest payment plant. This is what kills an investment portfolio.

Oh well, back to Wall Street

DOW Closed at 28,136.30 up 4.24 points or up a +0.02%

The S&P 500 finished at 3.169.13 (a record high), a whopping 0.56 points or up +0.02% yahoo!

The NASDAQ finished at 8,734.81 up 17.5 points, a record high too, or up +0,02% hmmm

The Russell 2,000 closed at 1.638.02 down -6.8 points and down -0.41% (what is happening to small cap stocks?).

I think we all need to go Christmas shopping. That will help the economy and small business people.

Have a great weekend. I will see you Monday!!!

My two cents for today!

Robert L. woods (a.k.a. R. LaMont W)


Robert L Woods

Robert L Woods

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